About us

Why an academy of values? 

The AXION – Academy of Values, a non-profit limited liability company, is committed to a humane and value-oriented education. The topic of values and their significance are to be brought into society. These are fundamental for human action and provide orientation.
Whether due to the demands of the meritocracy, constant individualisation, increasing consumer orientation, economic developments or increased immigration – in our society the desire for more meaning, more self-efficacy and for a secure and successful life is increasing more and more.
Having time to reflect on what is essential and valuable – mutual understanding, trust, and security are significant and can only be achieved if the “human being and his or her individual needs” are placed in the centre on both the personal and the societal level.

With innovative projects, we want to enable children, young people, citizens and people who have fled, as well as educators and actors from different professions, to develop experiential spaces, impart knowledge and strengthen and expand their skills in order to be able to meet the challenges of today’s world in a value-oriented and competent way.

In cooperation with universities, schools, educational institutions and other partners, we develop approaches for value-oriented educational work.

For more than 10 years, we have been working with various projects to bring the importance of values into schools and society. In recent years, we have noticed an increased engagement with the topic of values. For example, mindfulness-oriented start-ups such as the publishing house Ein guter Plan place a great focus on values and offer values tests on their website.