Key Areas

Value-based education work

The AXION Academy offers the project series Educating Values for Respectful Togetherness in cooperation with universities, schools, youth institutions and kindergartens. The project series is made up of six modules and is carried out and supervised by trained trainers from the AXION Academy in consultation with the educational institution.
The project was piloted in 2007 with a selected school class and evaluated for its effectiveness after a trial phase by the independent association for the promotion of measures for the transition (from school) to training and work “Perspektive Beruf e.V.”. The results show that the project has a positive influence on the climate in the class, the perception and behaviour of the pupils and on their interaction with each other.

The project Educating Values for Respectful Cooperation was awarded the Kurt Kreuser Prize of the Knupp Foundation in 2017. This prize honours and promotes non-profit initiatives that exemplify how creative ideas can help children and young people grow up.

Further information on the project series and a detailed presentation of the modules can be found here.

Citizens’ dialogue on values

The establishment and implementation of a citizens’ dialogue in the municipalities or in the districts, exactly where the people live, is currently necessary. Only in this way can they be taken seriously with their needs, worries, insecurities and fears. Interested citizens are involved in regular moderated discussion rounds. In the dialogue, concrete situations are discussed with reference to theoretically sound explanatory patterns from psychology, sociology and philosophy.

In this way, information and explanations are conveyed. Within this framework, our intention is to emphasise the topic of values, since values form the basic pattern by which we guide our thoughts and actions, and determine the motives of our social behaviour. In times of increasing social polarisation and growing insecurities due to social changes (e.g. wars, the Corona pandemic, integration of refugees, accumulation of anti-Semitic and racist attacks), it is currently indispensable to reflect on and raise awareness of our values. Diversity requires a mutually appreciative approach.

Only in this way can we be able to create a new society.

Only in this way can a pluralistic democratic society be maintained.

Training for value-oriented action in an extracurricular context

For professionals and employees of public institutions, social institutions, NGOs and companies

Values form the foundation for joint action in organisations and companies. They are an integral part of the self-image and mission statement of an organisation or a company, which provide information about which matters are particularly respected and valued.

The size of the organisation or company plays only a marginal role. Essentially, it is about highlighting: “How do we deal with each other internally and on the basis of which values do we behave towards our clients and customers or social demands? The defined values thus form an essential basis for orientation in everyday interaction.

However, everyday life also includes internal developments and new societal challenges that require a regular and systematic internal discussion of values, reflection and reassurance about expectations and attitudes. Such processes are indispensable, especially in view of the constantly increasing heterogeneity in society and thus also in the organisation and in the company.

The initiation of an internal values dialogue coordinated with the management level serves first of all to take stock of the work done so far, to agree on one’s own profile in view of the current challenges as well as to agree on the strategy for the necessary goals and steps to deal with diversity. The AXION Academy moderates, designs and accompanies these development processes professionally and promotes a value-oriented approach.

If you have any questions about this offer, you can contact us via the following contact form.

Exchange and Understanding in Europe & in the World Community

The AXION – Academy pays special attention to the exchange and understanding in Europe and in the world community. The Academy is part of several European networks with a focus on education and is thus always in exchange with committed educational institutions throughout Europe.

Since 2019, AXION – Academy is part of the Global Education Network and participated in the European Education Days in Berlin (2019) and Copenhagen (2022).

As part of the World Human Forum network, representatives of the AXION – Academy were at the World Human Forum in Delphi in March 2019 and in Paris in April 2019 and presented the work of the Academy to an international audience.

In addition, joint activities are designed in cooperation with municipalities and educational institutions in Greece and other countries.

Value-oriented educational approaches of AXION – Academy of Values can also be transferred and adopted there. Meetings for exchange and better understanding are organised with partners.

Publications – Exhibitions – Theatre performances

In addition to educational work, the topic of values is also to be prepared using different creative methods and media and brought into society. E.g. publications in journals or the creation of materials for educational work, collection of selected fairy tales, children’s and adult literature on the topic of “teaching values” in cooperation with city libraries, bookshops and schools. Also theatre performances with short scenes to thematise and present the importance of values.


As a non-profit institution, AXION – Academy of Values accepts donations. These are used in educational work, in projects but also for scholarships. Children and young people whose education is at risk due to social and financial difficulties can be supported.

AXION – Academy of Values is very grateful for every donation, which is tax-deductible!