Our Philosophy

Our philosophy is to live in an open and diverse society where people, regardless of their age, gender, social status, health, origin or religion, experience mutual respect and appreciation and feel comfortable and safe.

Society is in a situation of upheaval. Economic crises in the world and in Europe, the current refugee movement with its enormous humanitarian challenge, ecological developments and many other challenges offer opportunities that set the course for a new era.

Every development in the world affects the entire globe. Thinking globally and acting locally in a value-oriented way is the motto of the new era, which must be more humane and ecological and decelerated. A change in thinking, which educational work must also achieve, is necessary here. Away from the constant imperative of “more growth, more money, more consumption, more personal experience” etc.!

Instead of “quantity”, “quality”, instead of “having”, “being” and “we” must gain in importance.

Particularly in view of the crises and the associated uncertainties among the population, a change in thinking and the ability to keep an eye on what is important is required both at all political levels and among local citizens. In this sense, the AXION – Academy of Values wants to set an example.

Following the Socratic method, children, adolescents and adults are equipped with abilities and learn that these abilities contribute to their own personal empowerment. With a healthy self-esteem, young people and adults can “AXIOI, be capable” (Ancient Greek AΞΙΟΙ) of meeting the current demands of society. In this way, they become active members who work for the good of a diverse society.

Oriented towards meaningful values such as humanity, respect, solidarity, participation, etc., people take responsibility and focus their attention on what they have in common, what unites them, what connects them and what is meaningful in life.